Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Biggest Thing You Can Do For Your Health!

The truth is undeniable and the people need to know. You have an endocannabinoid system! Everyone does. We are all wired to the cannabis plant no matter what your beliefs or political view. We always have been. Cannabis was systematically removed from the world by a prohibition machine that was all dressed up with no place to go due to the end of alcohol prohibition. The reality of this was that our natural endocannabinoid systems became quickly overwhelmed as the age of industrialization crept into our lives with all the carcinogens and pollution that came along with it, and our access to cannabis and subsequently, cannabinoids in their raw form simply disappeared. Why would we remove a plant from our daily lives that is so simple to grow and serves so many needs ? If cannabis cures cancer and makes us live longer, smarter and healthier, why would our government make it illegal and spend so much effort and valuable resources to persecute a plant?  Follow The Money   What happens when one day you are told you have a brain tumour and it is inoperable, and in a desperate measure to hang on to your life, you get your hands on a few cannabis seeds, germinate them and within a few weeks you are putting tender young cannabis leaves through your juicer and drinking it and .....  Oh My God, your tumour starts shrinking! The doctors can't explain it and you excitedly explain to them that you have been growing cannabis and juicing the young leaves for several weeks because you read about it on the internet and saw video testimonials from people who had done the same thing. They don't seem to share your joy, and caution you to try chemo therapy because they feel that is your best bet. You do not agree and tell them so and leave resolute in your decision. You thought these people had your health and best interest at the top of their list. The next morning at 5am a police task force kicks in your door, rips your life giving cannabis plants from their pots and lead you away in handcuffs to the local jail. Don't think  it can't happen because it can. Drug companies do not want to give up their profits and will pressure government and law enforcement to do their dirty work. We Can Not Let This Happen! If you know someone who is a legal medical cannabis grower, try to talk them into letting you snip 15 to 20 leaves a couple of times a week from the cannabis plants in the vegetative stage when they are getting
18 hrs of light each day. Pick the healthiest lush leaves, wash them, and run them through a home juicer with some carrots and apples for a delicious juice that will supercharge your endocannabinoid system (ECS) and have you feeling a notable difference in as little as a couple of days. Remember, you are stimulating an already existing system in your body and boy oh boy, is your body ready for it. Trust me! Go HERE! and watch the third video at the bottom of the page for an eye opening experience. Heck, watch all three and have your mind completely blown. The first thing you will notice after a few days of drinking raw cannabis juice, is that you DON"T notice all the little aches and pains so much anymore. That is definitely my experience and the same is reported from friends who have been brave enough to try this new but oh so old "home remedy" We have to save ourselves because the Health Care "System" is simply a medicine business, and let me tell you, Business is good! (for them)
Just my opinion folks, but I encourage you to look up the facts yourself. Not like there is any shortage of info on this topic. Check it out for yourself at

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