Sunday, 5 August 2012

Medical Cannabis a bit more HU-Maine in Maine

HuMaine Med Cannabis In Maine!
Things are looking civilized in Maine as the people have spoken and what they have said is pretty clear. Everything has risks and no one can deny that, but as far as that goes, cannabis is wayyyyyyyy down the ladder on the risk O meter. The world is waking up to that not so new fact and it is far for the better as far as I can see. Cannabinoids are wired into us in a way that we probably will not understand for years. 25 years ago I told my friend Mark Chenier that eventually cannabis would probably prove to be the cure for cancer and the way things are going I just may be not too far off with that statement. I personally believe that cannabinoids will eventually hold the key to the secrets of the question, "what is consciousness?" What with the baby bliss effect of cannabinoid containing breast milk which is theorized to soothe the transition of a newborn into the bright and noisy world we live in, it seems so obvious, at least to me, that there is a much bigger picture that we are only beginning to see. Long sentence there huh?  Call me crazy, go ahead! You won't be the first thats for sure and you certainly will not be the last, I assure you. Crazy breaks barriers and changes thinking and it has taken me the first fifty years to figure that out. Crazy. Crazy about cannabis and cannabinoids. How crazy is that?

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