Friday, 6 July 2012

Check Out Latest Video Testimonials!

It's been awhile but I am back. Lots has happened. We have the website up and running and I am adding info and insight as fast as my little cannabinoid fingers can type. Found some recent testimonials  that I wanted to share and added some new links. We are currently ass deep in Health Canada paper work hell and hoping to wade ashore from the bullshit very very soon and start making Cannabis Juice for people in pain who really need this amazing natural medicine. Geeez, we are only trying to cure cancer and ease some suffering. Who knew so many people would be against that? Wish us luck in this crazy fight, visit the website and donate 5 or 10 dollars to a cause that will promise to do some good. We don't offer tax receipts but rest assured your money will be used to further the cause by keeping the website up and running and adding new relevant information as it becomes available. Visit us at MMCM Inc. and check out the info

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