Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Watch for us at 420 handing out LEAFlets. That's right I said LEAFlets!

Everywhere you look patients,doctors,politicians,are admitting that the cannabis plant has so many medicinal uses that we are foolish to keep pretending that this is a drug that we need to wage war against. We need to take a serious look at this miracle plant and start using it to ease the suffering of a nation plagued by illness and cancer,and we need to do it NOW! Actually we need to do it like.......YESTERDAY!! What on earth are we waiting for and what the hell do we have to lose at this point? Obviously the health care "system" is not working and too many people are becoming addicted to prescription drugs and suffering the terrible side effects that go along with them. We are the only ones who can change this by demanding a safer and natural alternative. The drug companies have ruled our lives long enough,but it has to start with us. If you are on prescription drugs and they are not helping or even making it worse, ask your doctor about Medical Cannabis TODAY! Join the medical cannabis movement TODAY and start spreading the word!

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